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Make it move.

Dynamic content is powerful. 

Film and Animation

Film, Illustration and Editing 

I'm a storyteller and one of my favorite ways to do that is through animation. I love making old-school 2D animations/films while adding little twists in the design to make it into something original and my own.


Short film

When reality meets simulation meets nature.


Art Direction: Molly Sayers

Music / Sound: Diveus

This is...

Video Essay

An excerpt from a video essay on me, by me.


Art Direction, Storyboard, Voice: Molly Sayers

Music: Molly Sayers


Music Video

Found footage paired with audio.

Art Direction, Storyboard, Animation, Music/Sound: Molly Sayers

The Wind Up Doll

Animated Film 

Merlin the Hart, the obsessed alchemist creates artificial life inside a doll named Caroline. In his efforts to perfect his own creation, his ambition drives him to abuse the doll, and turns her into a monstrosity.


Art Direction, Storyboards, Animation, Music/Sound, Voice Acting: Molly Sayers

Food Print: Paper Cup

Promotional Video

How big is your carbon footprint? We asked the question in order to bring awareness to Canadian food waste and carbon emissions. 


Art Direction,  Animation, Music/Sound,

Voice Acting : Molly Sayers

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