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MoodBook VR

VR Simulations for Mental Health Therapy and Well-being

MoodBook VR is an interactive virtual reality simulation that uses music, reading, and writing exercises to calm the mind, and relieve stress and anxiety. Players can explore a variety of unique virtual worlds with whimsical and tranquil atmospheres.

The simulation is geared for adventure, exploration, and improvisation, giving the player complete control and empowerment over their surroundings.  

Playing is simple! With the Google Daydream VR headset and controller, you can easily navigate worlds and interact with menus and objects. The Daydream controller acts like a laser pointer in 3D space.

By pointing and clicking the touchpad, you can select buttons on menus, open doors, or pick up / drop objects in the virtual world.  Moving your thumb on the touchpad will move your character forward/ backward/sideways in the virtual world.

My documentation for this project exists on a blog! Click here to read about the process.

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